Sheet Music, Old Maps, A dog called Snoopy and a little girl called Matilda…

Sorry I haven’t written a Blog for a while, the plan is to write these regularly to keep a track of my venture and adventures, discoveries and new creations and to follow my progress…

But so far my time seems to be being swallowed up by concerts, craft fairs, travelling between Bolton and South Devon, crafting, website building, facebook page updating, networking (the list is endless) I could also do with a smart phone or tablet that I can write blogs on other than having to rely on my laptop…

I thought I’d update you on some more photo frames, as they seem to have been really popular and have sparked a lot of interest…

When I was in Devon I was lucky to find some old sheet music in a charity shop, it was torn, missing front covers, or just odd sheets and was unplayable and calling out to be upcycled…

These frames/artwork have been produced by me, by hand, hand cut with craft knives! 
And these were some that I sold at a craft fair recently…
I also had the chance to visit a Church Book Fair, and a couple of charity shops, so have a big pile of books waiting to be used! Win win as I get to support local charities, and give new life to some unloved books!

Matilda framed picture
Charles Dickens Oliver Twist frame

The Simpsons Frame
Watership Down frame

I also had a chance to make some more James and The Giant Peach Framed Pictures, as I managed to find lots of frames when in Devon.
James & The Giant Peach framed picture
James & the giant Peach framed Picture

My mum managed to find a couple of old Maps, a Lake District 1973 map, and a Buxton one.
Buxton Map Photo frame
I sold the Lake District Frame at the BCA Craft Fair, but this Buxton one is still available, and more frames can be made to order (depending on availability of frames).
When I was in Clitheroe the other day, visiting my Grandma, I popped in to Clitheroe Books and managed to get a “Very good Deal” on some old maps that were too damaged to sell. So I now have lots of lovely maps to use, so exciting!! 
I have abandoned the spray varnish as it was too wasteful and too expensive, and didn’t cover many frames, and am currently using a tin that my Mum had (more recycling/reusing!). So I am still experimenting with different varnishes (I didn’t realise there were so many types!!), different techniques, different frames, so every frame is different, and may show some imperfections, but this shows that they are truly handcrafted. And am still trying to tackle the problem of bubbles in varnish!!! 😉
Photo Frames and Framed pictures for sale on my Stall at the BCA Craft Fair, Last drop Village, 1/7/12
But you can see the time and effort I have gone to to create truly unique frames that would suit a wide variety of people and homes and would work so well as Gifts for all sorts of different people!! and look forward to making many more of these in the future.
Here are the resources I currently have that can be made into Frames/framed pictures to order (depending on frames):-
MAPS – Lake District; Buxton; Land’s End; Norwich; Taunton & Lyme Regis; Eastbourne; The Solent; London NW; London NW; The Chilterns; Plymouth; Bedford & Luton; North Wales

SHEET MUSIC – various odd sheets

BOOKS – Captain Correlli’s Mandolin; Oliver Twist; Watership Down; Harry Potter 
CHILDRENS BOOKS – Paddington, Matilda, James & The giant Peach, Snoopy, The Simpsons

My frames and framed pictures are available for sale through my facebook page, will soon be available on website, or contact me for a custom order….
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