Photo Frames, Old Books and Bees Wax….

Recently I was giving away some of my books to a charity book shop, and I discovered a copy of Captain Correlli’s Mandolin that had completely fallen apart, the pages were falling out, and it would be no good to anybody. I hate throwing anything away, particularly books, so I had a think, came up with an idea and started to experiment…
With sections of text from book and layers of varnish
I added sections of text with PVA Glue, added the Book title, then layer upon layer of varnish.
The finished frame! 🙂
It worked rather well, so I bought a can of spray varnish and made a few more…..
Crossword Puzzles from a magazine

James and The Giant Peach plus picture from book

Another James and The Giant Peach Frame and picture, in Large frame.
It’s amazing what you can create from a few plain photo frames and some creativity!!

Start with a plain, basic photo frame….
A Layer of silver paint
With a thin layer of silver paint
With Bees Wax
Then add some decoration…..

HAMA Bead cats decorations

And put them on my stall at the craft fair….

They worked really well, and were well received, so when I have some more frames I plan to make some more! I still have those in the picture above for sale, you can contact me if interested, or watch this space for my new website/online shop….

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5 Responses to Photo Frames, Old Books and Bees Wax….

  1. Rachel Ball says:

    You will not believe this i have EXACTLY the same thing this week with Beano and Pride and prejudice!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?!? Maybe God is trying to tell is something?!

  2. Messymuppet says:

    lol first buttons, now book/magazine frames!! lol Ah yeah the beano would work really well! I just went with what I had, but maybe I need to seek out some comics + other popular books!! hmmm we'll have to swap notes on materials/pricing/techniques! x

  3. That's such a good idea!! You've just supplied me with my husbands birthday gift 🙂 One of his books became really water damaged (leaky roof), and he hasn't been able to part with it… I think a replacement book is in order, and the old one salvaged for a work of art!

  4. Messymuppet says:

    Ah that sounds a great idea for your husband's present! A nice big frame from ikea would probably do the job! + A montage of pictures (if the book has any) for the art + words round the edge.
    Or for smaller frames keep a look out in pound shops/charity shops.
    Making presents for guys is always so hard, but these frames would work really well!
    Just managed to get hold of a load of old sheet music and can't wait to decorate some frames with it!! Watch this space….

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