Hi, and welcome to my new webpage.

I have decided to go for a blog format for my website now, based on wordpress rather than Joomla, and have my blog integrated with my website instead of separate.

You may also have noticed a “shop” tab. This links to my new shop on tictail.
There are plenty of products for you to browse, and more will be added soon as I photograph more stock. Continue reading

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Alternative Gift Ideas For Men

Males, particularly Dads are a nightmare to buy presents for at Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day etc. Socks, chocolate, a mug…. they probably receive these over and over.
So if you’d like to give the men something different, I’ve put together a list of some interesting alternative things i’ve found…
And they are all eco-friendly or upcycled and all created in the UK. Continue reading

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2 years of fairs…. The first year!

I’ve had a lot of people recently asking my advice for doing craft fairs and stall set ups. So I thought I would share my journey with you all! This is the first year, 2012     This was my … Continue reading

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Hearts for Hearts

With Valentine’s approaching hearts and crafting hearts are very much on people’s minds.
A collaboration of crafters and other small businesses, called the Mouse House, have combined to create heart themed items to auction off to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

The auction started on the 5th February and finishes on the 7th February at 7pm, so you still have time to bid!

Here’s the link to the auction – Hearts for Hearts Auction on Facebook

So, hearts?!!
Crochet is one of my favourite crafts at the moment, so I started off by searching Ravelry, Pinterest and Google to find some heart patterns. There’s some really lovely ones out there! I pinned quite a few of the ones that I liked here – 

I wanted a particularly easy and simple heart pattern for my planned projects. Here are some patterns that worked really nicely.

Elvira Jane Designs

here are some of my attempts using these patterns


Some of them came out a bit too big for what I wanted, so I used a smaller hook than suggested, and used just round 1 of the skip to my lou pattern to create these….

I also made a hat, which started off with the Lovely Crow newsboy pattern, but ended up as a beanie, and finished off with one of the crocheted hearts.
All the items I have made are in the Hearts for Hearts Auction, so pop by, have a look and maybe place a bid! There are lots of lovely items to bid for, aswell as my items! 
And last, but not least, if you would like to try making some more heart themed items, check out LoomyBin’s blog here for a woven hearts tutorial –  

And if you want to know more about JellyBean, the organiser of the auction, and the other people donating items, check out her blog here –
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Beauty in the detail

I recently found an old singer sewing machine at a Christmas fair. I’ve been looking for one to use for a while, so my keen eye spotted it when I was browsing some of the other stalls at the fair. As I was there all weekend, with my own stall, I kept popping back to have a look, and debated it right till the end of the Sunday, when my friend Elli persuaded me that I really should buy it!

The first of these details is the serial number. With this number, and a couple of great websites I was able to find out that it was made in 1904 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.

The serial number also tells me that the model is 28. This particular model is a vibrating shuttle model. The bobbin and shuttle are very different to other models, with the bobbin being housed in a shuttle case. The design of the shuttle case is beautiful, I think it resembles a bullet!  
The detail of the end plate is also exquisite.

There are also beautiful decorations covering the machine and base. Although the machine’s case is very plain, a simple dark wood curved case, that lifts over the machine, but beautiful in it’s simplicity. And, this particular one still has it’s key so that the case can be locked!

Although the real beauty is in the engineering and the design of the mechanics of the machine, and the care and detail that went into manufacturing these machines. This shows in the fact that this machine still works, despite being more than 100 years old!!

If anyone is interested in researching their own machine, or need a manual for one, here are a couple of links that will help you. singer sewing machine company serial-numbers database singer sewing machine company manuals

and last, but not least, these are the lovely people that I bought the machine off. If you are looking for one it’s worth dropping them an email to see what they have, as they regularly have various ones, and not just Singer’s either! 😉
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