New year, new phone, new start

Well the run up to Christmas was very busy with completing orders, making stock for fairs, attending fairs & making Christmas presents. As I only started selling in Feb I hadn’t done a Christmas as a maker/seller before, so it was all very new to me, I learnt a lot & it was quite a juggling act. All very enjoyable though and I attended some great events and met some great people.

So now it’s the new year it’s time to take stock, look back at all I’ve done and learnt in the last year, and plan how I’m going to move forward this year. Not only in business terms, but also in my personal life and health. It’s time to grab hold of life again and sort out all those things that I’ve been putting off or got put on the backburner.

So the first thing I sorted was a new phone! I’ve been putting off that decision for several years, plus I thought I couldn’t afford a fancy smart phone, and thought it was an unnecessary expense. But as my old phone was dying, I had some xmas money & I was starting to feel the need for a phone with more features & WiFi, I thought I’d take the plunge and sort it out. What else is the gap between Christmas and New year for?!!

Anyway, I got a really good deal on a Sony Xperia J, on orange contract, for the same per month as I was spending on PayG. Plus I got cashback through topcashback. Plus as it was the sales the phone and tariff were both on a special deal/reduced! Bargain!! I read a couple of reviews and just went for it. I ordered it Friday night, it was delivered yesterday (wednesday) morning, and so far I’m really impressed with it! Although registering the sim/swapping number from PayG sim wasn’t as easy as it was made out to be. It wouldn’t register online (not sure why), took a lengthy phonecall to sort out, and 16hrs for my new sim to register. And I’m still waiting for the number to switch over!

As I’ve been at home I logged onto the network by Wi-Fi very quickly and easily and have been busy downloading apps and playing with features. So far it’s mostly been used for games and Facebook & Twitter, but I hope to find more ways of using it to enhance my business & crafting. I have also ordered a card payment gadget from worldpay, which I hope to use at fairs to take card payments aswell as cash! I’ll blog again about that when it arrives!

So this is my first blog from my new phone! I hope to blog more regularly now, as it’s so much easier/I don’t have to be at my laptop! Although this has taken me much longer to write as I’m still getting used to using a touch screen and fairly small on-screen keyboard! I’ve also had some interesting words pop up on the predictive text options bar! And some interesting words accidentally automatically appear in my blog! So if there are some weird words and typos, I’m sorry!!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to a great 2013!!!

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  1. Sounds like a good start to the year for you! Well done! x

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