Introducing Messymuppet…

Mario Mushrooms made for Bridget and Jess Xmas 2010
I’ve always been into crafts, ever since I was a kid, in Brownies, then in Guides, at home with my mum and numerous craft kits received for Birthdays and Christmases. I was also always very creative and had a vivid imagination, spending hours making things from boxes, yoghurt pots, plastic bottles – a marble run from toilet rolls, a telephone from plastic cups and string. As a teen I discovered jewellery making and beads, and often gave handmade cards and jewellery as presents.
Joseph’s Caterpillar Sept 2011

Theo’s Bunny Xmas 2011
Over the last few years, mostly due to low funds, I have really focused on making as many handmade gifts as I could, plus I love the personal touch that this gives, and people really seem to appreciate the thought and time that have gone into the presents. Whenever I’ve given these gifts, I’ve always been told I should sell my work. A couple of years ago my friend El persuaded me to go to a craft group in a pub in Manchester where they were having a “learning to knit” session. I was sceptical as I’d tried knitting as a child, and hadn’t managed it at all!! But this time it seemed to just ‘click’! Unfortunately it hurt my hands a lot, due to my arthritis, but a change of needles to bamboo ones, and a change of wool to a mixed wool & acrylic yarn seemed to make a big difference. From there I got hooked to wool and progressed to Crochet, namely amigurumi with the sole purpose of making my nieces “Mario Mushrooms” for Christmas. (Wolfdreamer’s Pattern) They were a big hit!! Crochet and Knitting has enabled me to expand the range of things I can make, and has meant I can make presents for my nephews! The Hungry Caterpillar was my own pattern, inspired by the book, for my nephew Joseph. The bunny pattern is here Lion Brand best bunny
Mother-in-law’s Birthday pressie August 2011
Due to ill health (namely Fibromyalgia and Osteo Arthritis along with low immune system) I have been unable to work full time and had to work from home since 2007, and had little or no income for the last few years due to a lack of work, becoming a housewife and cat slave. An improvement in health, combined with a change of circumstances have motivated me to re-think my life and re-consider employment opportunities, life goals and career ambitions. I’ve realised that I really need to be flexible in my work, and be self-employed if possible, but most of all I’ve re-discovered my creative side and realised whatever I do I really need to be creative.

Lorna’s Confirmation Present Sept 2011
This has motivated me to start making and selling my own craft items. Due to my nature of not being able to throw anything away, my views on the importance of recycling, plus the thrill I get from making new from old and working out what to do with things that nobody wants, the main focus of my business is upcycling. I also love Polymer Clay, and re-discovered the joy of Polymer Clay when making liquorice allsort beads, initially for a friend, but then more to sell as they worked so well. I have discovered a Polymer Clay Forum and been amazed at how versatile Polymer Clay is and been really inspired by some beautiful creations!! I really can’t wait to explore Polymer Clay more and experiment!!

I did my first craft fair back in February, and my progress since then has been incredible, so I thought it was about time I started a Blog to chart my progress, document my various experiments, and share my successes and learn from any experiments that don’t go so well! 😉 It’s also great to look back and see how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved! I hope to Blog regularly to keep a record, and keep everyone updated with what I’ve been up to.

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  1. Rachel Ball says:

    Wonderful blog Rach, you are an inspiration xxx

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