Crocheted Easter Egg Experiment

IMG_0441 IMG_0455 IMG_0459 IMG_0479 When looking for crochet patterns on the web and Pinterest I came across a fantastic site and blog with loads of free patterns. Happy Berry

A particular pattern on her blog caught my eye and I saved it in my pinterest for Easter. It’s a pattern for a crocheted easter egg that has a tiny chick inside. It uses dk and a 2.5mm hook. The small hook ensures for a tight stitch/rigid egg. The pattern is here

I decided to try is with oddment balls of DK and a 3.5mm hook instead. I wanted a slightly bigger egg and wasn’t too fussed about it being rigid.
The egg then fastens with a button and a loop, which I thought would be perfect for putting my hairclips in. I sell crochet flower hairclips and really wanted an egg pouch/purse that could be sold with them to make a lovely easter gift. A lot of children can’t eat chocolate or shouldn’t be given too much, so i thought it would be nice to offer an alternative to chocolate.

They’ve worked out really well and are the perfect size for my hairclips (off their cards)
or all sorts of other little gifts/jewellery you could make or buy
The size has differed slightly with the different yarns used, as i’ve used oddments and some makes of yarn are thicker than others
They also happen to be the perfect size for a kinder egg!!


Why not look out some oddments of yarn and try yourself??

Or you could buy one of mine from my etsy shop… although it’s too late for postage for Easter this year, but if you live nearby to Kingsbridge, Devon, you can still get them in time for Easter!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

If you want more Easter Craft ideas check our my pinterest board here…

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3 Responses to Crocheted Easter Egg Experiment

  1. Eszter Baka says:

    Dear Rachel,
    Could you please help me what could I do wrongly as my bottom part is always curled in, does not stand straight but I did not crocheted too tight.
    Your answer will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. Rachel Wickett says:

    Hi Eszter,
    Sorry, it’s not my pattern, happy berry (the original pattern maker) may be able to help with your query.
    I found they had a better shape once they had something inside them, particularly when I put the kinder egg/cream egg in them.
    Kind regards,

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