Crochet Hats

I currently love creating crochet hats. They are practical, comfy, fun and quick to make! I have made some lovely ones to other people’s patterns, and have been creating a lot of my own. I’ve been particularly busy creating a range of animal/creature hats. These are based on a basic beanie hat, with added features like ears, spikes, eyes, nose, whiskers etc.
So far there has been a fox, cat, dog, chick, bunny, frog, toad, dragon/dinosaur, pig and owl.
With various variations in colouring.
My nephews have been my most discerning customers, having had a fox, cat, dogs and a chick hat between them, with the most complicated request being a light grey dog hat with green eyes and long green ears!!
Needless to say I’m continuing to expand my range, and am very happy to either alter my current ones to suit taste (particular colour ears/eyes, longer ears etc.) or for completely new animals/birds/creatures. I particularly love a challenge!

hat Collage

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