2 years of fairs…. The first year!

I’ve had a lot of people recently asking my advice for doing craft fairs and stall set ups. So I thought I would share my journey with you all!
This is the first year, 2012

A year of craft fairs....

Smithill’s Craft Fair Feb 2012



This was my very first fair at Smithill’s School Craft and Food Fair in February 2012. I hadn’t had much notice for the fair, so not much time to build up stock.

A year of craft fairs....

Pinboard display board



My display board was a propped up pinboard.



I learnt a lot about displays from the other stall holders, including the importance of height, and having things at different levels on the stall.

A year of craft fairs....

Smithills Craft Fair 14/4/2012

I used my pinboard for a couple of fairs, but found it took up a lot of space on the stall, so developed displays using old photo frames with wire strung across to hang bracelets and earrings off.

I also borrowed a couple of gorgeous vintage crockery jewellery stands off my friend, The Higgledy piggledy China Shop to display my button jewellery.
I discovered that upturned boxes can make great shelves to create different levels.

A year of craft fairs....

BCA Craft Fair 1/7/2012

I then developed my Photo Frames/Framed pictures, and quickly created a range as they were proving popular. This then called for a re-think of the display as they were quickly taking over the stall.

I also picked up a rail in a charity shop, which is useful for displaying my bags.

Summer in Devon

Hope Cove Lifeboat Fundraiser 9/8/2012



This was my first fair in Devon at the Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove.

I had 2 square tables put together, so the stall was deeper than I was used to, but also narrower!

I had to be a bit flexible with my display!



Summer in Devon

Frogmore Regatta 12/8/2012

My first outside fair was Frogmore regatta!
I had much more space, so could spread out, using whatever tables I could get my hands on!
Pasting tables and camping tables came in very handy!
Wind was an issue with being outside as labels, business cards, and even my stock went flying from time to time!

A year of craft fairs....

Kingsbridge Show 1/9/2012


My first big event was Kingsbridge Show in September. As you can see the frames were proving very popular and taking over! I’d created quite a range of stock and had quite a large table/stall.

A year of craft fairs....

“All Things Vintage & Lovely” Plymouth Guildhall, 29/9/2012

Another big event in September was the Miss Ivy Vintage & Lovely fair at The Guildhall, Plymouth.
I had an 8ft stall and easily filled it with my rapidly expanding range.
I managed to create several ‘shelves’ and levels by using upturned boxes and used a whiteboard to display my prices for frames.
Small easels were proving useful for holding the whiteboard and my stall sign.

A year of craft fairs....

“All Things Vintage & Lovely Christmas” Torquay, 1/12/2012

The Vintage & Lovely Christmas Fair in Torquay shows another leap in my display ideas.
My dad made me a free-standing shelf to display my frames, out of old bits of wood/old shelves that were in our garage.
For my crochet hair accessories I used a wicker picnic basket I bought on a local selling page, which looks great and worked really well.
For bracelets I had bought a bracelet display off another crafter on facebook.
And for earrings I had created two earring display boards from old photo frames, and these were displayed on small easels on the stall.
It was another large stall, but I’d started to make better use of my space and managed to create a ‘system’ to use at all my other Christmas Fairs.

A year of craft fairs....

King’s Arms Shopping Evenings 12/12/2012


This new system worked really well, until I was given a new challenge at the Shopping Evening at The King’s Arms Kingsbridge.

A round table!!

It took a lot of creative thinking and rearranging of displays to make this work.

A year of craft fairs....

All Things Lovely, Fleet Walk, Torquay 15/12/2012


A pasting table at the back, then two lower camping tables partly pushed under the pasting table to create a 2-tiered table!
It worked well and gave me lots of space, combined with a couple of upturned boxes for the jewellery stands.
This was at Miss Ivy’s pop up christmas fair in Torquay.

To be continued…..
My 2nd year will be detailed in another blog

I have just taken a few pictures from some of the fairs and events I did in 2012. If you would like to see more pictures have a look at my fairs album on facebook

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