Crochet Hats

I currently love creating crochet hats. They are practical, comfy, fun and quick to make! I have made some lovely ones to other people’s patterns, and have been creating a lot of my own. I’ve been particularly busy creating a range of animal/creature hats. These are based on a basic beanie hat, with added features like ears, spikes, eyes, nose, whiskers etc.
So far there has been a fox, cat, dog, chick, bunny, frog, toad, dragon/dinosaur, pig and owl.
With various variations in colouring.
My nephews have been my most discerning customers, having had a fox, cat, dogs and a chick hat between them, with the most complicated request being a light grey dog hat with green eyes and long green ears!!
Needless to say I’m continuing to expand my range, and am very happy to either alter my current ones to suit taste (particular colour ears/eyes, longer ears etc.) or for completely new animals/birds/creatures. I particularly love a challenge!

hat Collage

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Art therapy – AKA colouring in!

I have always loved colouring in, as a kid, then into my teens!
Particularly doodles and patterns. Things that don’t matter what colour they need to be, or have to look a particular way.
I remember having great patience, taking ages carefully colouring in, staying within the lines. I remember a favourite picture was one of bats, in juniors, I got a prize for my colouring page, a pack of pencil crayons if I remember right, and being immensely proud.
Colouring pencils were always my person choice, those that I could blend. I think I’d still got them somewhere. I’ve just been re-united with a lot of my posessions, so I’ll have to dig them out. Continue reading

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Crocheted Easter Egg Experiment

IMG_0441 IMG_0455 IMG_0459 IMG_0479 When looking for crochet patterns on the web and Pinterest I came across a fantastic site and blog with loads of free patterns. Continue reading

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“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”

I have been a fan of Terry Pratchett and his books, particularly the Discworld series for many years. I have collected his books, mainly from little 2nd hand book shops and charity shops, and only have a few titles from the Discworld Series yet to collect. His words mean a great deal to me, and I can read my favourite books over and over, they are dear friends to me.

The announcement of his death was incredibly sad to me, and I shed more than a few tears, as his characters, ideas and words are so powerful. It is incredibly sad to know there will be know more wisdom from this genius mind. Continue reading

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Long time no see…

Sorry you haven’t seen anything from me for a while… I had a few issues uploading media, then had problems starting new posts, or making any changes to my website. I’ve now switched over to a friend’s server, so hopefully resolved all these issues!! 🙂
I also had an extremely busy summer, followed by a manic build up to Christmas, then January/February trying to recover and catch up, although that doesn’t excuse me not blogging for 8 months!
So, what have I been up to??
Well the summer was mostly photography.
you can look here for some of the stuff I’ve been up to.1017525_569256113184238_7316265633624947062_n






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